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Block Paving Project

Check out our latest job completed. This was an extension of an existing driveway, insertion of a new pathway leading to rear of house and a complete remodel of the existing patio at rear of house. The pathway had some recess chambers on it which we meant we had to use block paving recess chambers in order to keep the pattern and paving flowing throughout the pathway.

The front driveway was extended on both sides with curves added and a lot of existing grass / shrubbery which had to be removed in order to allow for the extension of the driveway. From the before and after pictures you can see how we inserted an edging kerb around the entire driveway to give it solidity and a really firm edge against the paving.

The patio had an existing pathway of concrete which we removed. We extended into the garden area to allow for a significant extension of the patio area. We inserted a circle area in front of the rear doors so the client would be able to have a nice walkout area that would allow for chairs or garden furniture. We inserted a new step at rear of house as well so the client would have an easy time stepping in and out of the rear doors. This was built using block paving so it fits right into the design and look of the patio.

The paving was laid in a herringbone style with a single charcoal stretcher bond running on the outside of it to bring up the colours of the paving. We inserted Aco drains in certain locations to guarantee that there would be no water retention or water flow issues anywhere on the paving. In general terms we added a lot of curves to the overall design of the project so it pleases the eye a bit more than square, straight lines.

Check out the pictures above and if your curious over anything, make sure to give us a call or email us using the contact page.

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