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31 Oct 2018

Permeable Paving Job

We have just completed another project of done with permeable paving. Here we used permeable paving blocks. This is something you don’t see a lot of home owners using and yet it is actually a very good idea albeit a bit more expensive than the normal paving blocks. The advantage in these is that the water will drain through them and into the ground below. This can be a major thing if you suffer from water issues or expect your driveway to flood for various reasons. By using permeable paving you remove the worry about water completely. The paving job itself was the front and side of house. We used the standard herringbone method of laying them and interlocking them into each other. If you like the idea of permeable paving or would be interested to know more about it, don’t hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to go through your options with using it and the pros and cons of it. We are here to help.

31 Oct 2018

New Driveway and Car Port structure, Tring

We have just completed another paving job in Tring. This one was a bit trickier than normal simply because of the car port that was involved in it as well. It was being supported by an old wall with metal railing running into it. We had to temporarily set rods to support it while we removed the existing wall. We installed a new wall and reinserted the new supports. This was done in the first stage along with removing all the existing driveway. We widened the existing layout to the front and added some curves to it to allow for a nice flower bed. We have inserted the original drawing for the work in the project so you can reference it for a better understanding of how we approach our work. We believe in open and honest work which means you know once we have started any work for you. Your getting exactly what you agreed upon.

Interested in more information? Call now or use the website contact form. We are more than happy to help in any way we can. Check out the video below for the fully finished job.

31 Oct 2018

Block Paving Project

Check out our latest job completed. This was an extension of an existing driveway, insertion of a new pathway leading to rear of house and a complete remodel of the existing patio at rear of house. The pathway had some recess chambers on it which we meant we had to use block paving recess chambers in order to keep the pattern and paving flowing throughout the pathway.

The front driveway was extended on both sides with curves added and a lot of existing grass / shrubbery which had to be removed in order to allow for the extension of the driveway. From the before and after pictures you can see how we inserted an edging kerb around the entire driveway to give it solidity and a really firm edge against the paving.

The patio had an existing pathway of concrete which we removed. We extended into the garden area to allow for a significant extension of the patio area. We inserted a circle area in front of the rear doors so the client would be able to have a nice walkout area that would allow for chairs or garden furniture. We inserted a new step at rear of house as well so the client would have an easy time stepping in and out of the rear doors. This was built using block paving so it fits right into the design and look of the patio.

The paving was laid in a herringbone style with a single charcoal stretcher bond running on the outside of it to bring up the colours of the paving. We inserted Aco drains in certain locations to guarantee that there would be no water retention or water flow issues anywhere on the paving. In general terms we added a lot of curves to the overall design of the project so it pleases the eye a bit more than square, straight lines.

Check out the pictures above and if your curious over anything, make sure to give us a call or email us using the contact page.

Total Paving Solutions, We are here to help.

31 Oct 2018

Block Paving, Tring

Another driveway completed in style. Our latest project involved a block paving job in Tring. It was laid with a standard size block and styled in a 45 degree herringbone pattern. Existing area was a combination of some old crazy paving in front of the house and a tarmac driveway with a concrete base under it running parallel to the house.

We removed all the existing area. Inserted a new base into the entire area making sure that it was compacted and set accurately for water drainage. It was then screeded using a river washed sand for an accurate water fall level. We installed new paving over the entire screeded area.

It was a Marshal brindle paving block that we used laid in a 45 degree herringbone. The border we used was a charcoal border from Marshalls in a stretcher bond and a brindle in a header bond for the outside. We made sure the driveway matched levels approximately with the neighbours driveway.

31 Oct 2018

Driveway Finished

Total Paving has just finished another quality driveway. Existing driveway which comprised of a mix between concrete and concrete slabs was removed in order to make a perfect new driveway.

Once all the existing surface was removed, we installed a new sub-base into the driveway area. This was compacted to guarantee no movement would occur on the base. We installed a block paving kerb against the neighbours driveway to cleanly separate them and help against the level drop between them. A new edging kerb was installed to the front of the driveway against the pavement and alongside the shrubbery flower bed. ACO drains were ran around the entire house wall to catch any rain water falling into the house.

When the area was completely prepped, we installed our new paving on top of the river washed screeded sand. The paving was laid in a 45 degree pattern using the Sunrise colour range from Kilsaran. The border was done with a brindle stretcher bond backed up by a header bond using the Sunrise paving block.

28 Sep 2016

Complete Driveway Overhaul

We have just finished a complete driveway overhaul in Berkhamstead. Some major work took place to the front and rear of the property. Existing driveway was extended way further and a lot of greenery and shrubbery removed.

The existing driveway area was a small strip running to the garage from the road. We removed this area and excavated the side of it extending into the lawn area. A lot of excavation took place which was needed to ensure that all the roots from existing shrubbery were removed so they wouldn’t preset a problem in the future years. The patio area was dug out and existing surface was removed.

Once the surface area were prepared, we installed a new base over the entire area. This was compacted to ensure a solid base for many years to come. We had to install ACO – Drains on the driveway at a distance from the garage entrance running along the entire length of the house to catch all the rain water coming down the drive. This was piped away safely.

We inserted a block paving edging kerb around the entire driveway to cleanly separate the driveway from the remaining lawn. These were set in concrete to ensure no movement. We installed a ramp at the rear of the house for easy access down into the garden area and we inserted a new paving step at the front of the house.

The block paving, which is a brindle colour from Marshalls, was done in a 45 degree angle and laid with a stretcher of charcoal for the border. This was backed up by a brindle header against the kerb. The rear of the house followed the same colour and pattern of paving blocks.